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and there is >> welcome to "world news." it is the last night of the democratic national convention, the president getting ready to make his case to the american people and "world news" is here. what the president has to achieve, what bill clinton did here last night, and first lady michele obama sits down with us, to tell us what she says to her husband right before he walks on stage. super surge. wall street rockets to a four-year high. why? and will it last? the hostage learns the truth. tonight, the woman told by bank robbers they had strapped a bomb to her waist, learns what the bomb really was, and new clues tonight about those men. growing up. malia and sasha, the first lady tells us what surprises her the most about them today.
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good evening from charlotte, north carolina. this is the biggest night of the democratic national convention. the last night. and president obama at this moment, preparing to walk on to that stage to join the duel with republican candidate mitt romney who spoke last week. the president, about to make a high stakes case for himself to the american people. our political team is out in force tonight to cover it all. abc's chief white house correspondent ready now to lead us off. jake? >> good evening, diane. senior white house officials say president obama will lay out a vision, an economic vision for the next four years, but it may be that he needs to explain not just why the next four years would be better under him than mitt romney. but why they would be better under him in the next four years, than in the past four years.
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president obama comes to the stage with a high bar having been set by this man. clean-slate barack obama. a freshman senator accepting the democratic nomination four years ago. competing tonight not only with that pageantry, greek columns and an outdoor crowd of 80,000, but also the president's original promise. which came with promises. of more than 500 obama campaign pledges, he's kept 190, or 37%. such as requiring insurance companies to cover americans with pre-existing conditions. >> i will make certain those companies stop discriminating against those who are sick and need care the most. >> reporter: politifact says the president has flat-out broken 83 promises. here's one promise broken by both campaigns this season. >> one of the things we have to change in our policy is the idea that people cannot disagree without challenging each other's character and each other's
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patriotism. >> reporter: the delegates are excited to hear president obama. >> he'll do it with his own style. i don't think anybody can match bill clinton with the way he did his speech last night. and president obama will explain everything and talk from his heart. >> reporter: former president bill clinton dazzled delegates and many pundits. >> we simply cannot afford to give the reins of government to someone who will double-down on trickle down. >> across the world in an ambassador's residence, the secretary of state watched her husband's speech, riveted. it's possible she didn't blink even once. >> reporter: this evening, president obama will say, you elected me to tell you the truth, and the truth is, it will take more than a few years to solve challenges that have built up over a decade. but know this, our problems can be solved. >> more on that in a moment. as you probably know, there was
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a last-minute venue change, from a giant outdoor stadium, seating 73,000 people, to the smaller arena. supposed to seat about 15- to 20,000. the democratic national convention saying it was due to weather. it was a kind of monsoon this afternoon. and today the president spoke to those who will not now be here. he spoke via conference call. >> my main message is, we can't let a little thunder and lightning get us down. we're going to have to roll with it. >> another casualty of the last-minute move, those balloons, we always see waiting up in the rafters, hundreds of thousands of them, no time to blow them up or get them ready. if we look right down there, right now, in the center of this arena, we can see some confetti cannons. small bags of confetti, there they are. take our word for it, they're in position and they're going to be the substitute. time now to bring in george stephanopoulos. >> the confetti will have to do.
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>> so what does the president have to do then? >> he still has to be the candidate of hope, not the candidate of change, but a candidate of hope. you saw in the excerpts, the president will lay out specific goals that he's going to say are both achievable, but also focused on the middle class. that's the contrast you have to draw with mitt romney. >> but we seemed to hear president clinton say it's time to own that question. are you better off today than you were four years ago? >> the democrats and the obama campaign are happy that bill clinton made that argument. they still don't think president obama can. people will take it from president clinton, they don't want it from president obama. it feels too much like boasting. >> they have been saying all day, they don't expect a bounce from this convention? true? >> i think that's half true. this is a tight race.
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but they believe they are on a roll right now. they think the convention is going as well as it could have gone. you see the stock markets today, a four-year high. here's the big thing to watch which could determine the bounce. the job numbers coming out tomorrow morning. if you see job creation above 150,000 they believe that could give them more of a bounce than they're saying publicly right now. >> see you again very shortly. and as george just said, the president's surrogates have been diverting the famous questions, are you better off today than you were four years ago? but today i sat down with first lady michele obama, to ask her if she thinks it's time for democrats to change that answer and also to ask about the president's speech tonight. what does she say to him before he walks out to the podium? >> something you say to him before every big speech? >> no, i just tell him to enjoy it and reassure him you're going to do great because he always does. >> and he traditionally, i'm
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told, comes to you afterward and says, how did i do? >> yeah, that's the first thing. >> do you tell him the truth? >> absolutely. absolutely. because one of the things that i don't like to do is read or hear his speech beforehand, because i like to hear it fresh. i do that on purpose. he read my speech, so he knew what i was going to say. he didn't know how i was going to say it, but i always like to give him a fresh critique, like that really moved me, or this part, you know, i wasn't clear on it. so i try to give him really fresh and honest feedback. >> we watched you last night, watching former president clinton. high adrenaline in this room. gonna be that high tonight? >> oh, yeah. the energy throughout this convention has just been amazing. you know, people are revved up. >> former president clinton said last night that the answer to the question, are we better off than we were -- >> when he took office?
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[ cheers and applause ] listen to this. listen to this. the answer again. >> do you wish every democrat would say that now? >> i think that they are. and we're growing to understand just how much we've accomplished. ended two wars. our economy was on the brink of collapse. we're now consistently creating jobs. but as president clinton said, is barack obama satisfied? absolutely not. is anybody in this arena satisfied? absolutely not. we have more to do, but we're on the right path and we need patience and persistence to get the rest of the job done. >> thank you, god bless you. god bless america. >> so when we saw you walk off the stage tuesday night, what was the first thing you said to yourself? >> i'm done! check. >> what did the president and your daughters say to you? >> you know, they're very sweet. they called me in the car. the girls had already gone to bed because he said they were
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exhausted. it was a late speech, but he said he was so proud. next day, i called home, talked to sasha. the youngest who never compliments me on anything. she said, you know, mom, you gave a really good speech last night. all my friends told me to tell you what a good job you did. i was like that's so sweet. so i got a compliment from an 11-year-old. my 11-year-old. i'll take it and run. >> do you know that you had 28,000 tweets? >> that good? i don't know, what is that? >> i would say that's good. >> there are some people with millions of tweets. i don't know how to measure it. justin bieber gets more tweets than that. that's probably nothing. my kids might laugh at that, 28,000 tweets. >> you're setting a high standard for yourself. >> i don't know. >> we'll have more on sasha and malia in just a moment growing up before the nation's eyes. we'll ask mrs. obama what surprised her the most about
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them as they grow up. she'll tell us later in the broadcast. and a note from charlotte tonight, we'll be watching for former congresswoman gabby giffords leading the pledge of allegiance, one year and seven months since a gunman's bullet to her head changed everything. >> i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america. >> and today i had a chance to stop by and see her, as you can see, she looks great. >> liberty and justice for all. >> a reminder, george and i and the entire political team will be here tracking it all this big closing night in charlotte, starting at 10:00 p.m. eastern and we sure hope you will be joining us. now we move on to the big news affecting american families. george mentioned it. not only families, but their retirement funds. if you checked your 401(k) today, you saw the dow on a
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rocket ride not seen since the recession began. soaring to a four-year high. so what sparked this sky-high ride? here's abc's dan harris. >> reporter: today's stampede had two main triggers. first a major concrete plan by officials in europe to rescue countries there that are drowning in debt. a crisis that has threatened to drag america's economy down with it. second, new numbers showing american businesses, added more than 200,000 jobs last month. the last time the dow was this high, the recession was just beginning and george w. bush was president. the four years since then have been a thrilling roller coaster ride. in march of 2009, it hit its low point. 50% of its value wiped out. but since then, a historic surge, the fastest since world war ii, although uncertainty remains. >> it's a sigh of relief.
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i don't think it's long-term. i think it's something that we get this week and maybe next week, and then we're off to the races again. >> the next shoe to drop is a big one. it happens tomorrow, the august jobs number. many recent reports have been very disappointing, but if this one exceeds expectations, today's rally could well continue. >> all right, thanks so much, dan. now we move on to an exclusive first look at a book everyone's talking about by bob woodward. he calls it a legal wire tap into the drama behind closed doors. the president and the speaker of the house, trying to broker a deal on the edge of a potentially catastrophic financial crisis. here's abc's jon karl. >> reporter: it was the president and the speaker, the talks were secret and woodward says, the stakes higher than anybody realized at the time. >> you talk about it as essentially the 44 days that were the financial equivalent of the cuban missile crisis?
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>> so serious they couldn't tell the world how bad it was at the time. >> reporter: in "the price of politics," bob woodward gives a blow-by-blow account to reach a so-called grand bargain, spending cuts and tax increases to cut the deficit. the deal was close, but broke down near the end when woodward says the president asked boehner to agree to more tax increases. for boehner, that was a deal breaker. "he wasn't going to get a damn dime more out of me," boehner told woodward. at a critical juncture boehner didn't bother to return the president's phone calls. when they connected, the furious president was spewing coals. the president acknowledged he was angry, but also tells woodward, he had sympathy for boehner because he couldn't control extremists in the new tea party congress. you see how crazy these people are. i understand him, the president said. through woodward, the total
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breakdown of the talks reflected badly on everyone. it was clear no one was running washington. it was trouble for everyone, but especially for obama. >> woodward shows an almost complete lack of communications between republicans in the white house. when republicans won the house in 2010, the president wanted to call john boehner to congratulate him, and nobody in the white house had his phone number. >> thanks so much, john. on monday, you'll hear more of the incredible drama unveiled by bob woodward, our full, exclusive interview coming up on monday. an abc news exclusive. still ahead, that bank heist, right out of the movies, the manager kidnapped, thinking a bomb is strapped to her, forced to raid the vault. new details, what we've learned.
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or other mental health problems, which could get worse while taking chantix. don't take chantix if you've had a serious allergic or skin reaction to it. if you develop these stop taking chantix and see your doctor right away as some can be life-threatening. if you have a history of heart or blood vessel problems, tell your doctor if you have new or worse symptoms. get medical help right away if you have symptoms of a heart attack. use caution when driving or operating machinery. common side effects include nausea, trouble sleeping and unusual dreams. with chantix and with the support system it worked. it worked for me. [ male announcer ] ask your doctor if chantix is right for you. we're learning new details tonight about the bizarre and frightening bank heist in l.a. the woman, the bank manager, snatched by two gunmen at her home, and they strapped her to what she believed to be a bomb around her waist. there is a new twist to it all tonight. let's go to abc's david wright. >> reporter: today an armed guard stood sentry outside the bank of america branch in east l.a.
5:48 pm
a little late to catch the team that hit this branch yesterday. >> they were a bunch of cowards. and i hope they get you. i really do. >> reporter: their elaborate heist -- something straight out of a hollywood movie. the robbers, wearing ski masks, allegedly staked out branch manager aurora barrera's house. she told police they grabbed her around 8:00 a.m., as she was leaving for work, strapped a device on her, and followed in a separate vehicle. >> she was told it was a bomb. >> reporter: 8:30 a.m., shortly before the branch opened. barrera went in alone, took bags of cash out of the vault, and tossed them out the door to the robbers who never went inside. they then sped off in a white kia, with what the fbi now says is a significant amount of cash. the bomb looked convincing enough, but when the bomb squad finally detonated it -- it turned out to be fake. you can see the front entrance of this branch has all the security measures you'd expect, but the robbers used a side
5:49 pm
entrance here where there are no cameras. they appear to have known enough about the bank's security to avoid getting their pictures taken. the bank robbers clearly did their homework. so how often do you catch these guys? >> 60% of the time we're able to identify the individuals and catch them. >> reporter: so 40% of the time, the bank robbers get away? >> well, 60% of the time they do get caught. >> reporter: with no surveillance pictures to go by, the fbi's strongest lead may be the branch manager. that's her being walked out to safety. she's now in protective custody. and the manhunt is on for those two masked men. david wright, abc news, los angeles. coming up right here, isaac strikes again. the storm in the gulf, coming back for more. 8% every 10 years. wow. wow. but you can help fight muscle loss with exercise and ensure muscle health. i've got revigor. what's revigor? it's the amino acid metabolite, hmb to help rebuild muscle
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there's something strange happening tonight with the storm once known as hurricane isaac, after marching across the country. part of it has boomeranged back to the gulf coast. there's now a 40% chance it will become a brand new tropical storm. experts say this is very rare, but we'll be tracking it. there's also news tonight in the battle against breast cancer, a new study in the british medical journal finds mammograms and chest x-rays may actually increase the risk of breast cancer in certain women. women with a genetic mutation of a brca gene.
5:53 pm
they saw a 43% chance increase of developing the disease if exposed to any radiation to the chest before the age of 30. and coming up here, sasha and malia obama, what their mother told us today surprises her the most about her first daughters today. daughters today. burning sensatn like somebody had set it on fire. and the doctor said, cindie, you have shingles. he said, you had chickenpox when you were a little girl... i said, yes, i did. i don't think anybody ever thinks they're going to get shingles. but it happened to me. for more of the inside story, visit
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and finally tonight, malia and sasha obama are now 14 and 11, growing up so fast. by the way, malia started high school this week. so today we showed mrs. obama photos. her husband first sworn in as senator in 2005. >> oh, my goodness, this was barack becoming a u.s. senator. i remember this so clearly. see sasha there. she walked up to vice president cheney and he reached out his hand to shake her hand, she slapped him a high-five, then turned around and waved at the camera, and i thought, oh, my god, here we go. >> but then suddenly, it's four years later, a presidential campaign and the first nomination. >> oh, my goodness, the kids have gotten so big. i think that's what we look at.
5:57 pm
we don't look at the moment. we really measure things by how much the girls have grown. >> daddy, what city are you in? >> this was convention 2008 in denver. >> i love you, daddy. >> and tonight, another convention, 2012. two young girls, who've grown up in the white house, sasha now 11, malia, 14. >> we can see the physical difference. we can see the height. but what's the other most surprising change in them? >> i am pleasantly surprised at how normal they are. i did worry what this life would be like for them. could i keep them normal? could we instill in them the values that we learned growing up, humility, and decency and treating people with respect. and they are wonderful, young women, and we are so proud of them. they are level-headed, they work hard, they care about people. they're just good, solid kids.
5:58 pm
>> and remember, george and i and the entire abc news political team will see you here at 10:00 p.m. eastern, then a special edition of "nightline" later. since we are in north carolina, we want to leave you with a moment not long ago, only james taylor could create. ♪ in my mind, i'm going to carolina ♪ ♪ can't you see the sunshine ♪ can't you just feel the moon shine ♪ ♪ can't you just feel the moon shine ♪ tonight an outpouring of support for a fallen patrol officer. >> and there is a supermarket chain comes under fire. why a employee check has become so controversial. >> democratic fact check. we're live in charlotte north
5:59 pm
carolina to see how well this campaign rhetoric matches up with the truth. >> governor brown considering whether or not to give hollywood more tax breaks for shooting in california. critics say it could be spent somewhere else. >> the single toll mark what's the patrol calls the end of the shift for officer kenyon youngstorm. >> he was taken off live support on wednesday but his commitment to serving the community lives on. the death giving others a chance at life. abc 7 news is live at john mirror hospital with the story for us. >> there

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